World Wide QuickBooks:

This site was created to help people of all nationalities get a better job by learning QuickBooks.

It soon will have everything any student could need if they want to be a full charge bookkeeper in almost any company. It teaches the real life challenges of bookkeeping and all the procedures you need to guaranty accuracy and find and fix any mistake. 

I want it to be a complete academic course that includes both practice and theory. I would love to have the university’s that teach computerized accounting to use this site as a credited class. 



Kindergarten QuickBooks:

This site was designed to prove to high school students (and some middle school students) that QuickBooks is easy. Young people and people who are completely new to the computer or new to accounting, can learn the basics of QuickBooks and get the general idea. For beginners, these 10 videos are mandatory before taking any courses in worldwide QuickBooks.



Tailored QuickBooks:

This site was designed to service companies who need more than just generic videos about how to use QuickBooks. Every company runs differently. Therefore, every company will use QuickBooks differently. Clients simply need to call me and describe their situation and I will make a special customized video that will show them exactly what to do for their specific situation.